Julia Ocker

For me, the "Animanimals" are not like a typical series, but like a collection of short films for children. Although this is a television project for children, I treat it with the same love and attention as my artistic short films. My intention is not to produce typical TV entertainment, I try to make each episode special. However, it doesn't always work because the episodes are produced very quickly, one after the other. For each animal I try to find a special problem that only this animal can have. Being that,I also try to find a way for children to relate, to show a problem that is also part of their world.
When writing these stories I think a lot about my childhood. "Anglerfish" is a good example of this - just like the anglerfish I would stay up at night, seeing scary figures in the dark. This personal attachment is very important to me and is the reason why children everywhere, relate to the films.


Julia Ocker is an animation director, designer and writer based in Stuttgart.
She was born in 1982 in Pforzheim, Germany and grew up in the Black Forrest. From 2003 to 2005 she studied Graphic Design in Pforzheim and Cairo and from 2006 to 2012 Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Her films cover a wide range of subjects, from her dark and frightening drama "Kellerkind“ to the ingeniously funny "Zebra“.
In 2017 Julia made a whole series of animal films called "Animanimals“ and is very excited about that!

Coletivo A R I S C A

We dive into our memories of sea and sand days, expeditions among the rocks, explorations of puddles, jumps in the waves, salty skin in the sun, to surround Julia Ocker's sea creatures with ephemeral sculptures like sand castles. These colorful aquatic creatures lurk between the waves and rocks while the Dolphin plays, the Crab pinches and the Monkfish tries to sleep.


The A R i S C A collective was born at the end of 2020, from a will to make community through art and education. It integrates the practice of three proposers of images and experiences, Inês Soares, Patrícia do Vale and Raquel Sambade. With paths based on transdisciplinarity, covering the areas of illustration, painting, curatorship, museology, teaching and research, the common denominator is art-education in a non-formal context. After countless years of experience in an institutional context, they reinvent their practice in autonomy, underlining their interest in the art-community-society relationship and its irreplaceable synergies.
R i S C A is based on the promotion of citizenship through the exercise of artistic practices, proposing to integrate art and education as roots of community creation, targeting political, social, environmental, gender and ethnic issues that hinder the full realization of fundamental human rights.
We work in collaboration with cultural institutions and schools, highlighting the partnership with Ci.CLO - Bienal Fotografia do Porto, and with Animar (educational project of Curtas - Vila do Conde), in the context of which we develop mediation and artistic intervention contents.

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