Tânia Dinis

“Apontamentos Diáfanos”, results from the artistic residency held at the invitation of Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática de Vila do Conde, in the fishing area of Caxinas.
The installation is composed of a series of visual experiments and rehearsals, in the relationship of movement and superimpositions of images, between the micro and macro, using small tools and elements of the sea, in a territory where the dramaturgy itself is the attempt to create, archive, stage new frames, a timeline, where the viewer himself has, also, the possibility to build his own time of montage, reframing, in a dialogue of image and sound, crossing documentary and fiction. Image that is reflection and is metaphor between what is visible or not.

"Apontamentos Diáfanos" is the free reinterpretation of intimate, fleeting, subtle records and the confrontation with them, being an ethnography of the interior, of small stories about the sea, which starts from conversations and encounters with Irmina de Jesus Terroso, whose life and history leads us to the identity of the territory, to the tradition of ways of life of "people" of the sea and, also, with the artist Renato Cruz Santos who, through his careful look, allows us an imagination that goes beyond the place and the situation, where the sensibility with the elements and symbols of the fusion of the body with nature presents a meeting point that is also the very culture of this fishing zone marked by passion for fishing, for the sea, where the wind sweeps the beach and draws the rock, where saltpeter entrenches itself in the skin and marks the skin. This creation is an archeology of affective memory, which grows in small fragments, which invite us to immersion through small gestures, from the intimate that is touched to the fragility in the fragmentation of the voice. "Apontamentos Diáfanos" is an investigation of the present archive, where the imagery draws the landscape.

With Irmina de Jesus Terroso and Renato Cruz Santos
Acknowledgements/artistic support: Jorge Quintela, Tales Frey, Hilda de Paulo, Susana Abreu, Joana Caetano, Alexandra Ramires, Ricardo Leite, Mónica Baptista, Pedro Marinho, Bando à Parte, Joaquim Dinis, Abel Coentrão, Family Cruz Santos, Family Jorge, Arquivo Municipal de Vila do Conde - Município de Vila do Conde


Tânia Dinis ( 1983, Vila Nova de Famalicão ), has been developing a research and creation work, about intimacy, family archive, document, time-image-memory-dream relation, and these works in specific, are inserted in the series "Arquivo de Família", which is in constant development and crosses several perspectives and artistic fields, such as photography, performance, cinema. This research, starts by investigating and collecting images, personal or not, as well as other supports and devices, to then be gathered in artistic experiments, reorganized, revisited and manipulated by montage, implementing collages and sound fragments, building small narratives, in an exercise of confrontation of image and/with sound, of the exploration of the idea of image as an experience of the ephemerality of time and memory, resorting also, to other records of real image.

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