Workshops for Families

Catarina Vila Cova
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After a visit to the ANIMAR 16 exhibition where we can see the animated films by Julia Ocker,Joao Gonzalez, Natália Andradeand Tânia Dinis, a journey with three obligatory stops begins. The workshop for families is an odyssey through the history of animation cinema with three autonomous stations where we will explore different drawing techniques and build and activate some optical toys. We will learn about the first representations of moving images from prehistoric cave drawings, play with optical devices from pre-cinema, and explore the stopmotion technique of contemporary animated cinema.

Ready to enter the time machine of the moving image?!


Station 1: Thaumatropion

Station 2: Zootropium

Station 3: Stopmotion

Workshop held by the Coletivo A R I S C A , on 29 May 2021, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

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