Cinema Sessions

Municipal Theater and Schools

M14 (Secondary and Higher Education)

Duration: 52 ’

The Night
Regina Pessoa, Portugal, 1999, ANI, 6′35 ″
It is the story of a child and his mother, two lonely lives that do not communicate with each other. This loneliness sometimes reaches the dimension of the night. Dark is the night. Dark is the mother. And the whole universe becomes dark when you are alone and helpless.

Tragic Story With Happy Ending
Regina Pessoa, Canada, Portugal / France, 2005, ANI, 7′46 ″
There are people who, against their will, are different. All they want is to be like the others, to mix delightfully in the crowd. There are those who spend the rest of their lives struggling to achieve this, denying or trying to cover up that difference. Others assume it and in that way they rise, thus obtaining a place with others ... in the heart.

Kali, The Little Vampire
Regina Pessoa, Canada / Portugal / France / Switzerland, 2012, ANI, 9′20 ″
This is the story of a boy different from the others, who dreams of finding his place in the sun. Just as the moon goes through different phases, so Kali has to face his inner fears and demons to, in the end, find the passage to the light. One day it will disappear ... or maybe it is just another phase of change.

Uncle Tomas, The Accounting of Days
Regina Pessoa, 2019, Portugal / Canada / France, 2012, ANI / DOC, 13 ′
Based on the emotional and visual memories of my childhood, this film aims to be a tribute to my uncle Tomas, a humble and somewhat eccentric man who had a simple and anonymous life. With this film I would like to testify how you don't have to be someone. to be exceptional in our life.

Alexandre Siqueira, Portugal / France / Belgium, 2019, ANI, 13’55 ’’
Oscar is a child who germs in his parents' garden. No one knows his biological sex, but he claims the male gender. One day, Óscar lives an extraordinary but painful adventure in an authoritarian and oppressive world. Will he be able to have the identity recognition he so desires?

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