Solar — Galeria de Arte Cinemática

Regina Pessoa will be the main focus of the 15th edition of ANIMAR!

The Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery , in Vila do Conde, hosts the exhibition of the 15th edition of ANIMAR, a cultural programming project with a strong educational inclination, with the porpose to stimulate public interest from all age groups, especially children and adolescents, for the cinematic world. The exhibition, from February 15 to June 6 , will have a special focus on the work “Uncle Tomas, The Accounting of Days” by Regina Pessoa, in celebration of the filmmaker's 20 years of career. The inauguration of the ANIMAR 15 exhibition took place on February 15th and was attended by director Regina Pessoa and its producer, Abi Feijó, and also Alexandre Siqueira , author of “Purpleboy”, an animated film that will be another reason for the exhibition's interest. A collaborative work between Solar's team and the authors, the exhibition will feature artistic installations and an organized display of the most diverse materials that document the creative process and production of films.


Installation around the film "Uncle Tomas, The Accounting of Days” , including constructions with various types of materials, objects, soundtrack and diversified devices elaborated from animation cycles that integrate the film. Also, some notes on previous films, including official posters and optical toys, and the author's graphic work. Her workspace, reproduced in detail, includes some of the most important visual references.


Alexandre Siqueira

An outdoor installation that includes a vegetable garden and may be the target of intervention by children and young people from the local school community. A sequential projection that documents the various stages of the film's production, a ‘storyboard’ and a compilation of original music composed specifically for the films.

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