Cut-out Animation

This workshop aimed to produce an animated film leading participants through each stage of film making: sets, character creation and staging, animation, and sound.
Tutor: Delphine Hermans
Assistant: Marta Monteiro
Students: 8 - 12 yeras old
Hours: 30

3D animation

This workshop aimed to make an introduction to basic techniques and make a collective short film.
Tutor: Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti
Program: Nuno Beato e Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti
Hours: 51

Optical Toys

This workshop was a first approach to animation using very simple methods than can easily be used in a school. Optical toys are an excellent learning tool for the basic principles of animation and also a very motivating device for children and young people.
Tutor: Marta Monteiro
Place: school classroom
Hours: 9

Using cinema in the classroom

Is it legitimate to use cinema in the classroom or make pupils leave the classroom to go to the cinema? Can a school – a place for writing and maths – legitimately have cinema in its syllabuses? Tutorr: Sébastien Duclocher Place: Auditório Municipal de Vila do Conde

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