At his first institutional exhibition in Portugal, the british artist Graham Gussin (London, 1960) presents a selection of works created from 1997 to 2008.
In this context there will be presented Film poster, a new work produced specifically to Vila do Conde.
Starting from appropriation and manipulation of images and literary narratives, of art history and of cinema, Graham Gussin creates through a rigorous conceptual program delocalizations to territories of a visual and perceptive strangeness.
His practice based on severeal media including the text, the film, the video, the sound and the installation frequently querys the concept of sublime through a continuous transit between the apparently close (the image transparentness) and the effectivelly distant (narrative texts decoding).

Miguel von Hafe Pérez
Nuno Rodrigues
Organization and production
Curtas Metragens CRL
Production team
Davide Freitas, João Lopes, Jorge Barbosa, Pedro Cardoso
Sponsoring in communication and press
Hugo Ramos, Raquel Moreira
Carolina Medeiros
Adriana Rodrigues, Sofia Reis
Graphic design
R2 design
High sponsorship
Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde
Ministério da Cultura
Direcção-Geral das Artes
Instituto Português da Juventude

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