Sometimes the best way to find something is to move away from it, 2011

Sometimes the best way to find something is to move away from it, 2011

Pedro dos Reis’s work displaying at Solar is characterized by a continuous displacement exercise between images, landscapes, contexts and experiences in space and time. That is one of the central questions of his project, reflecting both on the thematic area of his images and on the technical means and devices he uses to install the piece in the gallery’s space.

If the title Sometimes the best way to find something is to move away from it addresses in the first place a personal experience of the author, as he clears in his conversation with Miguel Palma reproduced in this catalogue, the focal point of this work transcends that biographic scope, standing as a reflection on how we inhabit the world and dwell in it. Pedro dos Reis lived in New York between 2004 and 2010, and started a process of reconstruction of memories, relationships, itineraries and spaces in the year of his return to Portugal. That recovering more than a recognizing of what was left behind is an awaking of conscience about his condition and the world around him. Throughout images and references to the space where he finds himself in, either briefly or for a long time, Pedro dos Reis marks his observations, showing us how he sees the space he travels through. Thus, what he fundamentally analyses is the real perception or transformation of our experience so that we can revisit, rediscover and reconstruct the relation we hold with the enveloping spaces.(1)

(1) Excerpt from the text "The resistance of images" by Sandra Vieira Jürgens, published in Miguel Palma: Densidade catalogue, edited by Solar for this exhibition.

Pedro dos Reis

Born in 1975 at Lisbon, Portugal, where he currently lives. Since 2002, when had a Photography Course at MEF, Pedro dos Reis has been developing work in the visual arts, namely using photography and video. From his body of work some of the hightlights are collaboration with magazines, both in Portugal and other countries, like Sonic Scope Quarterly, Dif, Bant Magazine, LVHRD Mgzn, Parq and Bypass; collaborative projects, like Globalcity Project – which is the author, Unsound Thinkers and Exquisite Corpse (with multimedia artist Peishan Kao, presented at NYU and Monkey Town); and also participated in some image and sound festivals, like Mascavado – Experimental music, sound and video art festival, Amsterdam Film Experience, Out.fest – Encontros de Som e Imagem do Barreiro and Atlantic Waves – London International Festival of Exploratory Music, where he collaborated with musicians like Nuno Moita, André Gonçalves, Tim Hecker, Rodrigo Dias and Gonçalo Silva. Also participated in collective shows like Projeto Lisboa (in 2007), and solo shows in 2011, at Porto, at Fundação – space programmed by Cristina Regadas, José Almeida Pereira e Miguel Flor and at Pickpocket Gallery, Lisbon. In parallel he as also pursuit work in art writing collaborating with (from 2008 to 2009), Bypass (in 2009) and Artes & Leilões (in 2010).

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