Portugal, 2002, DOC, digital, Color, 57´

During the Second World War, Lisbon, like Casablanca, was a corridor for refugees going from Hitler's occupied territories to America. This film tells two parallel stories about exile and accommodation. Through a narrated memoir and photographs, the tale of a German Jewish family that decided to stay in Portugal is recounted. The larger, more sociological account of artists who used Lisbon's escape route is skilfully told as well, using beautifully shot historic footage and written memoirs by some of the era's leading intellectuals including Heinrich Mann (The Blue Angel) and Alfred Doeblin (Berlin Alexanderplatz). This film evokes a desperate, intenselyromantic period of exile, despair and, ultimately, freedom.(Marc Glassman, Hot Docs, Toronto)

Director: Daniel Blaufuks
Producer: LX Filmes
Script: Daniel Blaufuks
Narrator: Bruno Ganz
Archive films: Eugen Schuftan
Photographs and home movies: Herbert August / Hans Leinung family
Photographs: Daniel Blaufuks
Editing: Pedro Duarte / Daniel Blaufuks

Support: MC – ICAM / RTP


Portugal, 2000, FIC, 35mm, Cor, 21'

When we speak of being “colour blind” we call it a defect. But there could easily be other different capacities, none of which are manifestly better of worse than the others and we should also remember that a person can spend his life without ever noticing that he is colour blind until some special event shows this to be the case. In a film, as in a photograph, although the face and hair seem grey; they seem quite natural. On the other hand, in a film, the food on a plate often seems grey and therefore, quite unappetising.
Ludwig Wittgenstein in “Notes on Colours”, Edition 70, pages 57 and 121.

Director: Daniel Blaufuks
Producer: LX Filmes
Script: Daniel Blaufuks
Photography: Luís Correia
Editing: Manuel Mozos, Daniel Blaufuks
Music: Suzuki, Tosca, Richard Dorfmeister/Rupert Huber, Pop dell’Arte
Sound: Joaquim Pinto
Main Actors: Alexandra Cruz, Angelo Torres, Ricardo Aibéo

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