With Tales from the Trophy Room, the artists’ group Common Culture bring a cabaret of new video work to Portugal. Common Culture’s use of stock characters and scenes associated with Britishness— nightclub bouncers, comedians, lap dancers, binge drinkers and its natural landscape— is here combined with stories, both sad and comic, about the artists’ decade-long struggle to make art in the face of insensitive curators, awful bad luck and little money.

The current members of Common Culture, founded in Liverpool in 1996, are David Campbell, Mark Durden and Ian Brown. See www.commonculture.co.uk for details of earlier artwork, writings and exhibitions.

Curator Dario Oliveira
Organization and production Curtas Metragens CRL
Production Davide Freitas
Production assistants Hugo Ramos, Raquel Moreira
Press Carolina Medeiros
Graphic design André Cruz
Organisation and translations João Leal
High sponsorship Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde
Support Politécnico do Porto
Communication support ArteCapital.net, Cision

António Leal presents a new project conceived to the CaveCave,


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