The Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery presents, from 15th January 2011, its new collective exhibition. Entitled "Em Casa / At Home”, this show includes seven original projects designed by a group of authors from different areas of creation: Pedro Bandeira (architect), valter hugo mãe (writer); Rui Xavier (photographer and director), R2 - Artur Rebelo and Liza Ramalho (designers), Júlio Dolbeth and Rui Vitorino Santos (illustrators); André Cepeda (photographer), and Daniel Barroca (artist). Therefore, the exhibition will develop from a set of diverse but thematically articulated parts from the points of view of architecture, design, film, photography and the visual arts.

The principle of this exhibition is to look for different artistic expressions in order to understand what it is today to be "at home”. Excluding any chance of voyeuristic curiosity, the main objective focuses on the reformulation of spaces as leitmotif for the endless possibilities for reinterpretation of environments conducive to creative activity in diverse areas, from workshops to small domestic offices. Moreover, "At Home" is a proposal to reflect on the achievements of many years' experience in a society where knowledge is increasingly more easily shareable.
Participants of the exhibition "At Home":

- Pedro Bandeira, architect, professor at Minho University (Department of Architecture). He represented Portugal at Venice (2004) and São Paulo (2005) Biennales, and has developed an extensive research and artistic work;
- Julius Dolbeth and Rui Vitorino, illustrators, teachers, artists and gallery owners (Dama Aflita) committed to give the illustration a more prominent place in the culture of the country;
- R2, Artur Rebelo and Liza Ramalho, two designers who have built a career that starts at the work in design and graphic arts and that often extends to installations and other interventions of expository character;
- Rui Xavier, photographer and filmmaker who, from his professional experience in photography, has come to mark a clear position in the world of cinema. Directed the short film "Surface" (2007) and has participated as Director of Photography on several other films;
- valter hugo mãe, writer, whose literary career has become one of the cases of greatest interest and importance in our cultural world (he won the José Saramago Prize in 2006 with "o remorso de baltazar serapião"). It is also the lead singer of “governo”;
- André Cepeda, photographer, has developed an intense artistic work in photography and now has several solo and group exhibitions. It is considered one of the most important names of contemporary Portuguese art;
- Daniel Barroca, artist, has a multifaceted work, between artistic expression, installation and even cinema. He is already a reference between the emerging values of Portuguese art. He will occupy the CAVE.
Production Curtas Metragens CRL
Curators Nuno Rodrigues, Dario Oliveira
Artistic direction Nuno Rodrigues, Mário Micaelo, Miguel Dias, Dario Oliveira
Organization and Production Curtas Metragens CRL
Exhibition project coordinator and Educational programme Davide Freitas
Exhibition set up Ivo Teixeira, Francisca Gonçalves
Production, Sponsoring and Educational programme Raquel Moreira
Sponsoring Jussara Oliveira
Comunication Daniel Ribas
Press André Vieira
Spot video Pedro Maia
Graphic design João Guedes/DROP

High sponsorship Ministério da Cultura, Direcção-Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde
Communication support Cision,, RTP2

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