3D animation, colour, sound, 4’42’’

SpaceJunk is a representation of a phenomenon that most people are unaware of, but which is widely documented: the growth in the so-called space junk, which has been aimlessly orbiting planet Earth since the beginning of the 1950s, as a consequence of the exponential multiplication in the number of satellites and space vehicles. A sequence of images shows a paraphernalia of objects suspended in a virtual orbit around the Earth: satellites, a space station, mobile telephone, Coca-Cola can, camera, teddy bear, tree, aeroplane and pieces of satellites, to mention just a few. General views of the objects floating in space in slow movements and producing a captivating choreographic effect (citing the contemplative shots of the outside of the spaceship in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001, A Space Odyssey) alternate with views of the objects hurtling past at breakneck speed, as if they were being filmed from the space station as it navigates inside the ring. In this way, Miguel Soares fictionalises a routine observation mission performed by the crew of the space station (the model of the Hilton Hotel of the spaceship in Kubrick’s film).

Miguel Soares

Miguel Soares was born in 1970, he lives and works in Lisbon. He studied photography at AR.Co in 1989 and graduated in Industrial Design at Faculdade de Belas Artes, Lisbon in 1995. During this period he worked on sculptural objects and installations that occasionally featured light, sound, video and motion. From 2000, the scope of his work widened to include electronic music composition and directing 3D animated films. He also collaborated and directed music videos for bands such as Sack & Blumm (2000), R. Musci and G. Venosta (2002) and Negativland (2003). In 2002 he started making videos for his own songs. Miguel Soares has had his work shown in Barcelona, La Caixa (2006) and Tecla Sala (2007) in Madrid, PhotoEspaña (2006) and La Casa Encendida (2006); in Santiago de Compostela, The CGAC (2006); in Bilbao, Sala Rekalde (2006); in Turcoing, Le Fresnoy (2007); in Minneapolis, Creative Electric Studios (2006); in Seattle, Consolidated Works (2006); in New York, Location One (2003), Luxe Galery (2004) among others. In 2003/2004 Soares received a scholarship from FLAD/Gulbenkian for an art residency at Location One in New York. In April 2008 he was awarded the BES Photo Prize 2007. In October 2008 Miguel Soares’ animation and video work were the subject of a retrospective exhibition at Culturgest, Lisbon.

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