Nuno da Luz (Lisbon, 1984) is an artist and publisher whose work circumscribes both aural and visual in the form of sound events, installations and printed matter; the latter mostly distributed through the press ATLAS Projectos (run together with André Romão and Gonçalo Sena) and the record label Palmario Recordings (run together with Joana Escoval). He recently completed the Master Program of Experimentation in Art and Politics SPEAP at Sciences Po, Paris, and founded COYOTE, a cross-cutting collective working on print, film, lectures and other experimental forms. Recent projects include performing live “with Assisted Resonance” in Ficarra (Italy), Paris, New York, Porto and Berlin; as well as the solo show “Wilderness” at Vera Cortês Art Agency (Lisbon, 2015). Previous solo exhibitions include “laissez vibrer” at enblanco projektraum (Berlin, 2013) and CAVE/Solar (Vila do Conde, 2013), and “O nosso silêncio é um aviso, o nosso silêncio é sólido” at Vera Cortês Art Agency (Lisbon, 2012). Recent group shows include “CIDRA DA LUZ ESCOVAL MANSO MENDES ROMÃO SENA”, AR Sólido (Lisbon, 2015), “Ficarra_Contemporary Divan”, Palazzo Milio (Ficarra, 2015), “A polyphonic wave of of concrete materials flowing through the air”, Espaço Artes (Porto, 2014) and “12 Contemporaries: Present States”, Serralves Museum (Porto, 2014).

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