Laida Lertxundi · Spain/USA · 2017/18
Projection: 16mm on video,14min, color, sound.
Wooden box: Lee filter 025 Sunset Red, communism and family color photographs on paper, Queen of my nights, song by Blues Magoos.
Monitor: 16mm structuralist film on SD video .

025 Sunset Red is a kind of quasi-autobiographical reckoning. An indiscernibility of then and now. Recollection and immediacy. Delicacy and virility. The elusive and the haptic. The Basque Country and California. It’s a set of echoes of an upbringing by communist radicals, not as nostalgia but as a way of making sense, of finding practical applications of the past in the present.

Within the film, blood is collected and poured, red filters cover landscapes, and images of desire are both produced and observed. The film is a diaphanous, psychedelic foray into the domestic and the political, looking at ways that politics may erupt, shape a life, form a sensibility, and become inscribed upon a body.

The exhibition includes the single channel film projection as well as the two poles of the structuralist and the personal, presented as materials in a wooden box and an analogue video monitor.

025 Sunset Red was shot in:
Benton, Alabama Hills,Ojai, Big Sur, Independence,Rim of the World, Indian Cove, Vernon e Los Angeles.
Archival Photos: P.C.E. (Partido Comunista Español) e E.P.K (Eukal Partidu Komunista), Communist gatherings in Bilbao and Madrid and Familia Prado.
Made with: Ren Ebel, Shambhavi Kaul, Emilio Luarca and Forouzan Safar
Music: Kane Lafia, Claire MckEwon, Laura Steenberge
Sound Mix: Craig Smith

Laida Lertxundi

The films of Laida Lertxundi (Bilbao, 1981) were selected for the 2012 Whitney Biennial and have also been shown at the MoMA and LACMA, the Viennale Festival, “Views from the Avant Garde”, at the New York Film Festival, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. She received the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker at the 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival, was named in the “Best of the Decade” review by the CinemaScope critics and selected as one of the “25 Filmmakers for the 21st Century” by Film Comment. She works as a film and video programmer in the USA and Spain and has published several articles on film, most recently in the anthology “La risa oblicua” and in Bostezo magazine. She teaches film studies at the University of California in San Diego and lives in Los Angeles, California. In 2016, her short film “Vivir para vivir” featured in the Curtas Vila do Conde programme.

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