From Caligari to Jud Süss

Portugal, 2019, SD video projection, sound, colour/B&W, 1:27:00, loop.

Starting from a coincidence of actors in several films, in this work, I merely intersperse the original editing of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, a tinted silent film playing in unreal sets, with cuttings in black and white of the later sound films “Jew Süss” and “Jud Süss”, two versions linked by their main actors, now in opposing fields. And while Conrad Veidt meets an early death in Hollywood, during the war, honors are bestowed upon Werner Kraus, who visits Hitler in Berchtesgaden, and is exempted, by his acting talents, from having to fight in the German army.
This work of re-assembly also aims to focus on the vital and always current issue of the artist in the face of political power and their part in the culture of a State and in what it represents. To what length should the artist comply and what are the limits of their conscience and, therefore, of their responsibility?

Daniel Blaufuks

Daniel Blaufuks has been working on the relationship between public and private memory, one of the constant interrogations in his work as a visual artist. He has exhibited widely in museums, private galleries, and festivals and works mainly in photography and video, which he presents through books, installations, and films. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales, where he wrote on photography and film in relation to the work of W.G. Sebald and Georges Perec, as well as in relation to memory and the Holocaust.

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