Portugal, 2019. HD video projection with 2 channels, sound with 4 channels, colour, loop.

Video post-production: Diogo Tudela, Jonathan Saldanha.
Camera: Catarina Miranda, Sofia Arriscado, Jonathan Saldanha.
Body: Igor Bisser.
Som sound: Jonathan Saldanha.
Acknowledgements: SOOPA, DRCN, DGArtes, Paula Menino Homem.

In the negative space of human architectures, agents operate that consume matter and precipitate its destruction. The constructions of termites and other plagues, in the literal context of the shadows in which they thrive, behind the woodcarvings and inside the built heritage, are captured in video. The recordings took place in a contemporary ruin of the recent past, the Palace of São João Novo, which housed the Museum of Ethnography and History, up to 1974, and was then taken by architect Fernando Lanhas until it faded in time.

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

Sonic and scenic constructor operating systems in which language, crystallization, animism and echo travel between sound, light, space and gesture. In 2019, he created the installation “Vocoder & Camouflage”, the piece “Scotoma Cintilante”, for a blind choir and score-sculpture, and “Broken Field Atlantis”, a concert with a light score. In 2018, he presented the piece SØMA, in which a group of deaf adolescents translates the recordings of an animist court of law into sign language. Simultaneously, he staged the exhibitions “Behemoth Republic” and “Dismorfia”. Between 2016 and 2017, he staged the piece “O Poço”; the light/sound installation “Oxidation Machine”; the piece “Plethora” for voice, electronic and resonant spaces, and the exhibition “Afasia Tática”. Since 2009, he has composed a series of systems for voice, electronic and resonant spaces: “Khoros Anima”, “Sancta Viscera Tua”, “Del”, “Silvo Umbra” and “Plethora”. Director of the piece “Jungle Machine” and co-creator of the stage pieces “Nyarlathotep” and “Rei Trilogy”. Founder of SOOPA collective (1999), a visual, performative and sonic laboratory, and co-founder of Silo Rumor label. Co-organizer of the SONORES programme for Guimarães European Capital of Culture (2012). Performed at the festivals Sónar, Primavera Sound, Amplifest, Out.Fest, Milhões de Festa, Neopop, Elevate and venues like Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), Berghain Kantine (Berlin), Stubnitz (Hamburg), Filmer la Musique (Paris) and Issue Project Room (New York). Released music on Ångström, Tzadik Rotorelief, Silo Rumor and Wordsound. His film/essay “Máquina da Selva/Mundo de Cristal” was published by Museu de Serralves.

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