The Educational Service from Curtas Metragens CRL, which in recent years has been supporting the teaching activity in Vila do Conde and closest municipalities, develops various mediation activities in the Fine Arts and Cinema, among the various cultural programming projects of the cooperative and their audiences. It's main objective is to promote access to the decoding of the moving image, from pre-cinema to the most varied aspects of contemporary cinema, especially animation and documentary, establishing a strong connection with the local and regional community. In this context, it develops a program of actions aimed at audiences of different age groups, from the smallest to the young, parents and trainers, holding film sessions, exhibitions and parallel activities, as object of learning. Thus, the exhibitions on display at the Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática, the sessions promoted by the Short Film Agency and the Curtas Vila do Conde, become a motto for the realization of a program that includes guided visits, workshops, that contributes to a model of playful learning, non-formal and complementary to that provided by the school.

The Educational Service from Curtas it's presented as a set of actions directed to the school public and that infers education through the moving image, encouraging new ways of seeing and the formation of students and teachers. This work aims to give access to new content, underlining the importance of film in cognitive development, contributing to the creation of the necessary filters to know how to look at the world, which include the codes of film language and audiovisual communication. The Curtas Educational Service has yet another objective, to include the school community in the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, in a participatory manner, inviting a group of students to be part of the My Generation Selection Committee, the new section competitive

Among all the activities, we highlight ANIMAR, aimed at the most varied age groups, babies, children and young people, from kindergarten to college, and also to families and teachers / educators. The program, which is developed every year around an exhibition and includes guided tours, workshops and cinema sessions, is quite diverse and suitable for different age groups, following a participatory learning model, now integrated in the curriculum component, sometimes extracurricular, with special focus in the areas of the fine arts, cinema and, above all, the animation cinema.
In 2020, ANIMAR 15 will continue the programming conceived for previous editions, in celebration of the 20th anniversary as author / director of animated films by Regina Pessoa, with the installation of her latest and much-awarded film "Tio Tomás a e a Contabilidade dos Dias" and with an installation outside of Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática, from the movie" Purple Boy "by Alex Siqueira. ANIMAR 15 seeks to deepen the relationship between the images of reality and the imagination of animation cinema.

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