installation (video projection, loop)
Monday, August 28th 1939, New York, 10 p.m. (3rd episode of the feature film SHIRLEY – Visions of Reality) · Austria · 2013 · 5'15”
A cinema in New York. William Wyler’s film "Dead End" from 1937, based on the theater play by Sidney Kingsley from 1935, is on. Humphrey Bogart as Baby-Face Martin is in a dialog scene with his mother. Shirley, dressed in the uniform of an usherette, is leaning against the wall on the right side, under a lamp. She has her eyes closed, and listens to the soundtrack. She knows it by heart, and imitates the mothers speech simultaniously....

Seven years after my solo exhibition REFLECTIONS at the Galeria Solar, I am coming back with a work quite different to the ones shown in 2006, but it is also a consistent further development: I am still working with found material it only changed from film footage to painting; I am still interested in the history and phenomenology of cinematography, this time in its precursors, the Tableau Vivant, the Diorama and the Panorama. I am still creating a new meaning with found material, this time the story of a woman reflecting history. I am still working on film, this time digitally. It's something new, but also a continuation: from REFLECTIONS to VISIONS.

Gustav Deutsch

Filmmaker, artist, lives and works in Vienna and Aegina. Born 1952 in Vienna, primary school, grammar school, architectural studies at the Technische Universität Wien. 1979, graduation with Dipl.-Ing.. 1980–1983, member of the Medienwerkstatt Wien, numerous video artworks. Since 1983, member of the artists group DER BLAUE KOMPRESSOR, Flosting & Stomping Company. Since 1984, joint works with Hanna Schimek (D&S). Since 1989, numerous film works. Since 1996, member of SIXPACKFILM. Since 2003, artistic director of the AEGINA ACADEMY / A Forum for Art & Science.
Works about the phenomenology of film, including: TASCHENKINO, 1995; FILM IST. 1– 6, 1998; FILM IST. 7–12, 2002; WELT SPIEGEL KINO Episode 1–3, 2005; FILM IST. a girl & a gun, 2009
Participation in international festivals, awards and prizes, including: Preis Neues Kino/Viennale 96, for TASCHENKINO and FILM IST MEHR ALS FILM, 1996; Main Price, Filmfestival Ann Arbor, for FILM IST. 1– 6, 2000; Curators Award, Cinema Texas, for FILM IST. 7–12, 2002; Best Film, EXiS Mediafestival, Seoul, for WELT SPIEGEL KINO, 2005

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