Stephen Connolly
Christoph Girardet / Matthias Müller
Nicolas Provost
Anri Sala
Clemens V. Wedemeyer
Ghuna X

Opening 21.06, sat.

9 pm
Exhibition opening
10 pm
Ghuna X performance

Exhibition 21.06 - 12.09

21.06 - 04.07 / 14.07 - 07.09
tue. - mon., 14:00-18:00

AVENTURA ANTONIONI, the second Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática event scheduled for 2014, explores the relationship between cinema and contemporary artistic practices. Taking as its reference point the work of Michelangelo Antonioni, a filmmaker whose work anticipated the break with established aesthetic conventions, this group exhibition offers 5 works by foreign artists, comprising two films previously screened at Vila do Conde, “Zabrinski Point (Redacted)” by Stephen Connoly and “Mirror” by Matthias Müller and Christoph Girardet, two previously unreleased works, “Answer-Me” by Anri Sala, and “Silberhöhe” by Clemens v. Wedemeyer, and one film by Nicolas Provost, commissioned by Curtas Metragens CRL. A second commissioned work from a Portuguese artist will take the form of a musical performance by Ghuna X, the alter-ego of Pedro Augusto.

The authors, selected from amongst leading international figures, including some whose work is displayed in important contemporary art venues, have all been directly or indirectly inspired by the films of Antonioni. Deconstructing the conventional language of cinema, which is also characteristic of the attitude of the filmmaker throughout most of his career, they establish a dialogue between the various approaches to film, transforming the gallery area into a reflection on the issues emerging from the confluence of two territories: the visual arts and cinema. The influence of Antonioni also crosses the borders of cinema and the visual arts, fuelling creativity in parallel imaginaries such as music or fashion. The different possibilities emerging from these relationships and interconnections will be presented in the exhibition as loop video projections, works in the exhibition space, and as two “live” musical performances on the Solar terrace.

Following the programming strategy used for previous group exhibitions hosted by Solar, such as “Under Hitchcock” (2007) and “2012 Odisseia Kubrick” (2012), the aim is not only to pay tribute to one of the most influential authors in the history of cinema, but also to reveal the importance of his works as key references in the context of contemporary artistic production. Revisiting these works from the perspective of new authors from different backgrounds using different media and languages will revive memories that are both individual and collective and allow for their on-going renewal.

The parallel programme includes a series of screenings at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theatre from 5 to 13 July 2014, as part of the 22nd Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival, preceded by regular sessions at the Cineclube de Vila do Conde, on Sunday 28 June, and a panel presentation attended by the artists.

Organization: Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática
Partnership: Curtas Metragens CRL / 22º Curtas Vila do Conde - Festival Internacional de Cinema
Solar - Funded by: Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde / Governo de Portugal / Secretário de Estado da Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes
Communication support:,, Metro do Porto, Rádio Linear

Artistic direction: Miguel Dias, Mário Micaelo, Dario Oliveira, Nuno Rodrigues
Program coordination: Mário Micaelo
Production coordination: Davide Freitas
Production: Raquel Moreira
Production support: Cândida Martins
Sponsoring: Jussara Oliveira, Raquel Moreira
Exhibition assembly: Davide Freitas, Hernâni Baptista
Comunication, Press: Felicidade Ramos, Sandra Mesquita
Design: João Faria,
Spot video: Pedro Maia

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