02.07 - 25.09.2106

João Rui Guerra da Mata e João Pedro Rodrigues

Made up of films we have directed and conceived originally to be screened in cinemas, as well as other pieces expressly created for Solar, this will be the first exhibit of our work in Portugal in an exhibition format with which we have recently started working. Our first exhibition is from 2013: “Santo António”, an installation created for the Mimesis Art Museum in South Korea (26/11/2013 – 09/02/2014). The next year, João Pedro presented a 4-channel video installation (which was part of the Korean exhibition) at the Johnson-Kulukundis Family Gallery of the Radcliffe Institute of Harvard University (29/10/2014 – 04/12/2014) and our film “Alvorada Vermelha” (Red Dawn) was part of the col- lective exhibition “Onde é a China? / Where is China?”, simultaneously presented at the Beijing World Art Museum – Millennium Monument, People’s Republic of China (16/05 – 04/06/2014) and at Museu do Oriente (Fundação Oriente), Lisbon (29/05 – 06/07/2014). “Alvorada Vermelha” was censored by the Chinese authorities and withdrawn from the Beijing exhibition.

It was precisely this film that took us to Asia, to the banks of the Pearl River, to Macau, where João Rui spent his childhood. All the films we directed together since “China, China”, shot in Lisbon, in Martim Moniz, in 2007, are in some way related to that territory. This was the way we found of sharing a memory, which was founding for João Rui and mythicized for João Pedro. It was also Asia that brought us to the film commissioned by Curtas in 2013: “Mahjong”, a personal portrait of Varziela, the biggest Portuguese Chinatown.

In July 2016 we are back to Vila do Conde, on the banks of the River Ave, with a wide collection of works, in an exhibition that will anticipate our complete retrospective at the Pompidou Centre at the end of this year.

Taking our short films as our main starting point, but also iconic props from the features, we propose a playful journey through the universe of our films, searching for and provoking new dialogues and confrontations that might shed new light on our work.

To accompany us, within the Cave project, we chose the young artist João Gabriel Pereira. His compulsive and convulsive production, mainly in the field of painting, inhabited by ghosts from fictions, returns to us a disen- chanted but solar gaze of the world that passes.

João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata

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