Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón · Spain · 2018
16mm film projection, 3’, loop, colour, silent.
Acrylic cube filled with water on a swivel. Two audio sources, stereo.

“Non terrae plus ultra, nothing further beyond” for those who dare cross the pillars of Hercules which used to demarcate the known world. This old Greek legend sank into oblivion and became the motto of a developing Spanish state.

It was on the Canary Islands, “the fortunate”, – which at that time were yet to be conquered by the Spanish – that Christopher Columbus' sailors set foot before reaching America. This territory was transformed into a laboratory, where several strategies and social models were developed and exported to the “new world” thus killing the native peoples.

Nowadays, their mummies, displayed in history and anthropology museums and removed from the place some of them chose to remain, are witnesses from those times, reminding us that all cultural records are nothing but reminders of barbarity.

Their history, as well as the women's, was repeatedly denied by the official narrative. Their traces left a hidden trail that, no matter how smudged and vague, have come down to us in the shape of a revelation, allowing us to question and overturn the believes in which the State is based.

By analogy with the idea of the official narrative as an ideological construct which oversimplifies and mangles everything out of its concept, a film projector, conceived to efface al the “beaming aberrations” generated by light, discloses ghostly reflections and visions from the images of our film, Plus Ultra. As we immerse, a suspended, subterranean animation is conjured up, a sort of journey under the influence of water, light and sound.

Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón

Helena Girón has a first degree in Audiovisual Communication, a Master’s in Screenwriting from the UC3M and another one in Editing from the ESCAC. Her current work focuses on documentary and experimental film, using physical materials and photochemical processes. Samuel M. Delago is a filmmaker, screenwriter and guest professor at the EICT San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. He wrote and directed the award-winning “Malpais” (2013). Their collaboration explore the relationship between mythology and materialism and their films have been screened at various international film festivals including TIFF, Mar De Plata Film Fest, IFF Rotterdam and Vila do Conde IFF. “Plus Ultra”, their latest collaborative film, was selected for the FICUNAM 2018 and the Locarno Festival. Two of their films, “Sin Dios Ni Santa María” and “Montañas Ardientes Que Vomitam Fuego”, were screened at the Curtas Vila do Conde IFF 2015 and 2016, respectively.

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