Lois Patiño · Spain · 2016
Multiscreen videoprojection
HD loop, variable dimensions, B&W + color, 2016
Experimental short film
HD, 12 min, B&W + color, 2016

'Fajr' has a double meaning in Arabic: it means dawn, and also the 'adhan' – song call to prayer – that sounds just before dawn from mosques. These songs burst 5 times a day in Muslim populations. Words fly over kasbahs, palm groves, dunes ... As a reminder of that, beyond everyday life, a spiritual one coexists. When the voice of the song comes, the everyday life’s rhythm takes another density. We enter into a different way of experiencing time: definitely more introspective, an inner time, and therefore more open and deep. The song thus represents an interruption, a stopover, and once completed, the normal rhythm is again restored.

The desert, a mythical space for spiritual retreat, with its empty shapes and suspended time, has invited a multitude of hermits and prophets to loneliness. "I should go to the desert for 40 days and get lean" said Nietzsche. Desert transforms, in reaction to its spaciousness, from the condensation in itself. The open space around you, without a particular visual stimulus to hold on to –Borges spoke about the horizontal vertigo he felt in the desert – makes one immerse in oneself. A meditative concentration that can, ultimately, lead a hermit to a state of spiritual ecstasy, a depersonalization: to go out of oneself and dilute in the Whole.

"Hieratic absorbed figures by assessing the thickness of time. By feeling the mythical breath of undifferentiated time as an absolute reality. Silence as a witness of the inexpressible. Silence is a vertical figure (...) The solitary, absorbed in the meditation of infinity, fosters a synthesis. Textures of a splintered infinity overlap the body." After watching “Fajr”, my father, Anton, wrote these evocative words, which define the essence of the project.

Lois Patiño

Lois Patiño, born in 1983, studied psychology and film in Madrid and continued his training in New York, Berlin and Barcelona. His films and video installations have been shown in arts centres and at film festivals in many different parts of the world (including Rotterdam, New York, the IFF, BAFICI, Viennale, Rome and Ann Arbor). "Montaña en sombra" won awards in Oberhausen and Clermont-Ferrand, among other events. He won the Best New Director award in Locarno for his first full-length film “Costa da Morte”, which also went on to win awards in other festivals such as the Jeonju, FICUNAM, Festival dei Popoli, Valdivia and Seville European Film Festival. The Spanish director has already worked with Curtas Vila do Conde on various occasions: his solo exhibition "A Double Immobility" featured at the Solar Cinematic Art Gallery and several of his films have been screened at the festival, including “FAJR” (2017), “Noite sem distância” (2015), “La Imagen Arde (2013), “Montaña en Sombra” (2012) and “Paisaje-Distancia. Campo de fútbol” (2011).

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